About Us

Vocco designs were created from our love for linen and the Mediterranean sea. Linen is a natural fabric that has been used by humanity since the beginning of history. Produced from dyed flax fibers was extensively use for clothing, bed dressing and other uses including bags in Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt and Greece. Linen has resistant fibers and is valued for giving freshness in hot weather.

With the finest natural fabrics and the delicacy in the work of our craftsmen we have created sustainable bags designed to outlast the seasons. We work with nature to bring you close to it. Simple, timeless and unique designs carefully handcrafted to last for life. We want to make you feel connected to the simplicity of a past lifestyle. Actual designs inspired in our past to go along with you wherever you go.

All articles are handmade in Spain. Thought for the everyday use and specially for travelling. Hope you enjoy them while discovering our beautiful world.Want to know more about us? Follow our journal.