Vocco. Sustainable Luxe. Concept & Phylosophy.

Vocco. Sustainable Luxe. Concept & Phylosophy.

 Vocco natural linen fabrics piled with green leaves on top.


Vocco is a wonderful journey full of hard work and dreams to create what best represent us. Everything we do is based on how we see the world. Our goal is to make high quality, sustainable and timeless bags that capture the essence of that phylosophy. Vocco bags are a nod to the past and are meant to last for life.

Vocco believes in sustainable luxe. We aim to create luxurious bags and travel goods that respect both people and the planet. We position ourselves as a slow fashion company helping to counteract the negative effects of fast fashion and overconsumption.

Our products are handcrafted in a small workshop in Barcelona, Spain. Every bag is manufactured by skilled craftsmen with the highest standards. We produce small quantities and only use premium quality fabrics. For us every detail is essential. Zippers, pockets and sewing is always on top of the line standards. Designs are optimized to be comfortable and have a suitable size. Vocco bags are meant to resist your everyday use and travel with you wherever you go. We create timeless and minimalistic bags that will never go out of style!

Vocco bags are made out of natural fabrics, 100% linen and high quality leather. We don't use linen blends, only 100% linen to create our Vocco Bags. These fabrics have been used for centuries and are perfect to endure and last for years, as well as produce less impact in nature than plastic derived fabrics. 

Our bags reflect all the efforts of compliying this phylosophy, creating endurable high quality bags with luxurious standards and sustainable with our enviroment. 

Hope you enjoy our Vocco bags.

Vocco Team xxx


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