Vocco On The Road. Capture The Sunlight

Vocco On The Road. Capture The Sunlight

Vocco Sunflowers, Mediterraneo Collection

Guess what?

It´s summer in the Mediterranean coast! Nature is blooming! The sun is up as high as it goes.

Let´s go outside!

Jump into your shoes and discover new places. This beautiful July sunlight will follow you wherever you go.

We wanted to share with you the beautiful fields of sunflowers we came across while heading back home this afternoon. We had to stop and take some pics with our Vocco Weekender Bag. Light was so perfect. Lovely place to disconnect  from everything. It made you daydream. We felt like Alice in Wonderland.

Vocco team xxx.

Evening at a sunflowers field. Vocco. Slow fashion.

Vocco's Mediterraneo Weekender bag at a sunflowers field.

Vocco's Mediterraneo Weekender bag. Sunflowers field.



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