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Vocco designs were created from our love for linen and the Mediterranean sea. Linen is a natural fabric that has been used by humanity since the beginning of history. Produced from dyed flax fibers was extensively use for clothing, bed dressing and other uses including bags in Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt and Greece. Linen has resistant fibers and is valued for giving freshness in hot weather.


Natural fabrics and handcrafted in Spain

Using best quality 100% natural linen and leather we create timeless designs to endure and outlast the seasons. Completely designed and handcrafted in Barcelona.

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Be inspired by the Mediterraneo Collection

Inspired in the countryside surrounding the Mediterranean sea. Vineyards, olive groves and cereal fields. Beautiful textures that capture the natural colors of this unique environment. Handcrafted timeless bags. Discover Vocco´s most pure collection.

Vocco's Mediterraneo